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Nir Slakman - a Fashion photographer from Tel Aviv


For me, taking a picture is trapping a moment inside my camera and giving it eternal life.


Since my aunt gave me my first camera at age 9, I’ve looked at things and imagined how they would look inside a frame.


In 2009 I completed two years of study in commercial photography at Studio Gavra in Tel Aviv; and in 2014 I left my day job as a software engineer to work full time as a photographer. 


My work, which focuses on fashion photography, editorials and advertising, in Tel Aviv, New York, Paris, and London, has been displayed in gallery exhibitions and magazines.


In early 2016, I was chosen to be 1 of 15 promising fashion photographers by the Israeli magazine 'SIGNON'.

Photo by: Dafna Tor


2009: "Dreams" a group exhibition, Jaffa

2010: "Changes" a group exhibition, Jaffa Port

2013: Summer Portraits, Tel Aviv

2013: Prime Time, a group Exhibition - Castiel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2015: PH#ASHION - Personal exhibit, Tel Aviv

2016: the next Fashion Photographer by 'SIGNON' magazine, Tel Aviv

2017: LASHON Ha-RA, Tel Aviv

2018: 'FRAGILE' - GLOSS Gallery, Tel Aviv



Mobile: +972.504.999.887


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